Space Tourism Is Not Exploration

Space tourism is a welcomed trend but it’s important keep in mind that exploration of space and space tourism are two distinct things. This is a great development, but we must not forget that space tourism and scientific exploration are two separate things.

The price of tickets is a major problem. Prices can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars up to more than $250,000. Only the most wealthy can afford a trip. SpaceX, Axiom Space and other private companies are hoping to provide orbital flights that will allow travelers to spend at least a week in space and view the world from the air.

These journeys can be undertaken in a winged car, such as the space shuttle or Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo, or a capsule such as Apollo, Soyuz or Blue Origin’s New Shepard. The experience on the way down varies as winged vehicles take off like airplanes, and capsules dropping in parachutes.

While the billionaire owners of the world are discussing the future of humanity and the safety of our planet, it seems that they are focused on making space travel easier for wealthy individuals. This isn’t what appears to be in the best interest of humanity or the planet. It appears that they are trying to establish a monopoly over the final frontier and win the race to the stars.

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