What is an Individual Business?

A business is a company which is operated for industrial, commercial or professional motives. It can be a simple one-person operation that operates under a DBA or be a large multinational corporation serving different industries. Regardless of the size or industry, all businesses face specific challenges that can hinder their ability to grow.

San Diego & Imperial Valley Small Business Development Center client Diana Tapiz, owner of Tres Fuegos Cocina, shares her story of determination and perseverance in her journey to turn her passion for food into a successful business.

What is a company owned by an individual?

Individual business is a kind of https://kauai-realtor.com/how-to-find-the-best-place-to-learn-about-data-rooms-for-real-estate-professionals/ business ownership where an individual is sole proprietor. It is the most sought-after type of small-business ownership.

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