Top Tips For Digital Marketing – Even If You Don’t Have a Huge Budget

Digital marketing is the term used to describe the use of online channels to advertise and sell products or services. It covers a range of activities, ranging from websites to social media to mobile apps.

It’s the kind of marketing that takes place on the screens of your customers’ devices and is at the heart of the majority of customer relationships today – even when conversations take place in person or via phone. Digital marketing includes tactics like email social media, email SEO, search engine optimization (SEO) websites, conversion rate optimization and much more.

It can feel as if an entirely new set of rules are being applied to the digital world. It’s not only about platforms or channels – it’s about ideas that last in digital (the importance of humanisation, content is the most valuable asset etc) and shiny technology that was once thought to be the future, but has since entered the mainstream.

It’s all about connecting with your customers, at a greater scale, using their preferred channels on the internet, so you can deliver experiences that meet their needs – from building relationships to driving sales. Digital marketing is essential for all businesses. Even when you don’t have the funds to invest in a large marketing budget you can still reach your audience and make an impact using the right tactics. Here are our top recommendations to help you get started.

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