Software For Deal Makers

Dealmakers need to be competent in acquiring and managing data at the highest level. This includes vetting potential customers who could pose risks to their portfolio companies and providing in live information on companies, investors, and major players. GPs and LPs should look beyond the traditional all-in one CRM platforms designed for sales teams, which optimize sales pipelines or selling widgets. Instead, they should to choose a solution which can provide relationship intelligence and support complex data-driven workflows.

A single, integrated solution that manages and secures data helps to eliminate duplication of efforts and improve task management. Dealmakers can streamline workflows through automation of manual tasks. This decreases the chance of human error and allows them to dedicate more time to other aspects.

Software for Deal Makers

Many companies offer software to assist with the M&A process. These include 4Degrees Midaxo and Smartsheet. DealRoom is specially made for M&A and offers document and project management together in one location, and with advanced, granular access rights that is the most significant difference between these two solutions.

DealRoom lets dealmakers customize dashboards and reports to their specific needs, and integrates with the tools they already use (such as Slack) to provide seamless experiences. This allows team members to access the information they require without the need to switch between different applications, improving productivity and communication.

If you’re an associate in a private equity firm or a senior investment banker, it’s important to have a tool that will grow with your career and allow you to close the most lucrative deals that you can. Schedule a demo to see how our platform can help you improve your workflow enhance efficiency, improve operational efficiency and enhance relationship management with advanced relationship intelligence.

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