How to Create a Digital Board Meeting

The coronavirus outbreak continues to force nonprofit organisations to cancel in-person meetings, the move to digital is emerging as an option that is practical. This transition may be challenging for some boards. The right strategy can help them overcome these hurdles and make the transition smooth for everyone involved.

The first step is selecting the right video conferencing software that will allow all board members to effectively communicate and collaborate, regardless of their place of residence. Additionally, ensure that it has a variety of features that will encourage participation and boost engagement. For instance, a video feature will ensure that attendees are not distracted by other people in the room and also ensure that they adhere to guidelines for meeting conduct.

Next, create an agenda with specific discussion topics that have a an end goal. This allows you to move quickly from one topic to the next, increasing productivity. A clear meeting objective will allow the chair to keep the meeting on course and focused.

Another important aspect of a digital board meeting is recording the minutes. This can be helpful for future readers who may not have been able to attend. When you record the minutes, you should find a balance between a thoroughness and a conciseness to ensure that you cover all important information discussed during the meeting. Include all board-approved decisions and their reasoning. This will aid in explaining the decision to those who were unable to attend the meeting.

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