Choosing a Secure Business Tool for Data Transfer

Transferring files is a crucial business function that affects everything from enterprise security to team productivity. However, inadequate or insufficient sharing protocols and subpar transfer tools can threaten data security and slow down teams.

A safe business tool for data transfer should use encryption and authentication to protect data both while in transit and at rest. This helps protect data from unauthorized individuals or entities while helping businesses comply with regulatory guidelines. Secure data transfer tools also provide better oversight and compliance by providing clear visibility into who has access to what information, whom and when.

When choosing a secure transfer tool, choose one that can support various file formats and protocols. Some SFTP ETL software, for example, combine Secure File Transfer Protocol and Extract, Transform and load to provide a quicker and secure method to transfer data from a point beginning to an end point. This allows companies to have greater operational control and governance without the need to hire additional IT staff.

Also, you should look for a tool that offers assistance via email and phone all day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Support is available in the event of an issue and can help minimize downtime or costly mistakes.

While there are many options for secure file transfer in business Certain options are more effective than others. For instance, a cloud-based file-sharing solution such as Box emphasizes collaboration by offering features such as the ability to control access and two-factor authentication. Tresorit is a different case, as it uses end-to-end encryption, which is a zero-knowledge platform that guarantees only those who have the key access the files.

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