Best Practices for Virtual Board Meetings During the Pandemic

Virtual Board Meetings are a great way to maintain an open communication channel and make timely decisions during the time of a pandemic. They offer the same advantages of meetings in person, but without the hassles of traveling and scheduling. They also permit non-profit organizations to increase their participation pool by eliminating geographic barriers and making it easier for those with disabilities to participate.

The best tools can allow your team with more control over the discussion and keep it focused which allows them to make decisions faster. This will enable your organization to remain on the right path and complete its mission following the pandemic.

It is crucial to organize your virtual meetings ahead with an agenda, supporting documents and other documents. This will ensure that all subjects are covered and that the meeting runs on time. It is also important to test out your audio and video equipment prior to when the meeting begins and adhere to proper protocol for calls. For example, be sure to turn off your microphone when you’re not talking to avoid distracting background noises and to raise your hand or send an email in the chat when you have a concern or question.

As more and more business transactions are conducted online it is essential to implement best practices for virtual meetings so that they stay productive and efficient. If you follow the guidelines below your board meetings will flow smoothly and efficiently.

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